Auditions for “Point of Viewing” by Todd McGinnis

 Monday January 23 and  Tuesday January 24, 2017

 from  7 – 9 p.m.  at the theatre.

directed by Melinda Briell and produced by Kim Blacklock

 Auditions will be cold reads from the script



When a technical mishap destroys their pre-taped, prime time, 10th anniversary special, the three women who host TV’s most popular daytime talk show, Point of View, are forced to replace it with a last minute, live to air broadcast.
But behind the scenes politics, tell-all tabloid stories and rumours about the show’s fate have lit the fuse on an emotional powder-keg.   Now…with no chance for edits or re-takes…10 years of off-camera differences are about to explode…on the air!

Characters: 3 females, 2 males

Point of View’s Floor Director, Brad is normally easygoing, a calming influence in the hectic world of studio production. Today will push him to the limit.

Tabitha Smiley: Smiley is the show’s bright and cheerful, up-for-anything girl on location, but there is a tragic side to her no one else has seen.

Raquel Voulet: On camera Raquel is cool and sexy, the embodiment of the smart, well-coifed career woman in control of her own destiny. Off the air, she is flighty to the point of seeming dim-witted.

Sincerity Weeks: Sincerity is a hard-as-nails, self- absorbed, career-obsessed woman; the complete opposite of her on-screen role as Point of View’s sensitive, openly-emotional conscience.

Dr. D.: Doctor Darren Cooper is open, honest and straight-forward;  a genuinely nice man, and a psychologist who, in spite of its limitations, tries to use the medium of television to help guide people to important and useful truths.

For more info or questions, please contact producer Kim Blacklock


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