Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun

by Norm Foster

Location:  In the basement of the Theatre

Sunday October 24th 11-12:30 pm
Tuesday October 26th 7-8:30 pm


All covid protocols will be adhered to including wearing masks and proof of double vaccination.

If these times are not convenient, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate

Cold reads. Sides will be provided.  Questions?

Play Synopsis

A thirty-five-year-old man with the mental capacity of a seven-year-old, meets a pregnant young woman in crisis, and the two form a lasting friendship. A story about people finding the nerve to take responsibility, and about persevering against the odds.

Characters- ages are aproximate

Robert Castle:  Robert is 35 years old but because of an accident when he was a child, he has the mind of a seven or eight year old. He lives with his mother.

Claire Castle:  Claire is in her sixties or seventies and is battling cancer and heart disease while caring for her son Robert.

Holly Fitch:  Holly is not the most responsible person in the world. She has a teaching degree but can’t find a teaching job. She is in her mid to late twenties.

Simon Garvey:  Simon is around forty. He is an English professor who is going through a divorce. He is dating Holly.

Doctor Andrews:  Claire’s doctor

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