The Amorous Ambassador



a farce by Michael Parker

By kind permission of Samuel French


Evenings:  Nov. 1, 2, 3, 9, 10

Two Dinner Theatres:  Nov. 3 and 10

Matinee:  Nov. 10

Former Senator Harry Douglas is back to his old shenanigans, but this time as the American Ambassador to Great Britain. He tells his wife Lois, that he has arranged a golf outing in Scotland for the weekend. Lois in turn tells Harry that she will be going to a spa for the weekend, and that their daughter Debbie, will also be away, visiting a girlfriend.

They both then tell Perkins, the newly-hired butler in their country home, of their plans, and he watches stoically as they leave. So what is the wily ambassador really planning and will everyone have a lovely weekend?


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